Press release of the Center for Environmental information  - November 2002
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Youth Environmental Parliament - 2002


November 9-10 young activists of Children of the Baltic together with Finnish youngsters worked at the Youth environmental Parliament - 2002 in Espo, organized by Nature and Miljo (Finland).

Russian participants were members of Children of the Baltic NGO, youth environmental club "Domovjenok" and youth movement "EcoShield". They brought to Espo YEP-2002 their results of River Watch investigations on the South shore of the Gulf of Finland; impressions of summer Russian-Finnish youth camp, organized by Children of the Baltic, Natur and Miljo and Luonto-Liitto; their vision of environmental values on the Gulf of Finland shores.

Finnish participants were Swedish-speaking youngsters 16-18 years old from the whole Finland.

    Participants of YEP-2002 discussed six main themes:
  1. Ecological Food
  2. Adventure in Nature
  3. Eco-tourism
  4. Animals' Rights
  5. Fashion and Environment
  6. Environmental Art

Conclusions of workshops were focused mostly on the youth sustainable initiatives on the local level, personal choice of youngsters how to organize their own life friendly to nature.

Children of the Baltic Youth Environmental Press-Center prepared the video-report on activities of Russian and Finnish youngsters on the both shores of the Gulf and at the YEP-2002. This video-material will be distributed in the Gulf of Finland region by the partner's NGOs.


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